[R] CircStats reveals underlying R bug?

John Christie jc at or.psychology.dal.ca
Wed Nov 12 20:10:19 CET 2003

On Nov 12, 2003, at 9:28 AM, Ben Bolker wrote:

>   Maybe you should take this up with package maintainers (who may or 
> may
> not be reading R-help) ... this sounds like a design/documentation 
> issue
> rather than a "bug" per se (although the distinction is not always 
> clear).
> To be honest, the underlying R code in CircStats doesn't seem terribly
> sophisticated -- I have hacked it some for my own use (e.g. to allow
> the various von Mises functions (rvm, dvm, etc.) to handle vectors of
> different parameter values).

Thanks, I have done that.  But, I also think it is good to let the list 
know and be forewarned of a potential problem.  If someone had a large 
data set with a small number of negative angles they may have never 
spotted the problem if they relied on circ.plot.

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