[R] problem with x11 and PS devices on different machines

Timur Elzhov Timur.Elzhov at jinr.ru
Wed Nov 12 16:55:15 CET 2003

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 07:14:01PM +0700, Philippe Glaziou wrote:

> The width and height of a default R x11 plotting window are both 
> 7 inches. 
> There will be a different number of dots within those 7x7 square
> inches if the number of dots per inch is not similar. This could 
> be the case even though your two xservers are set at 1024x768.  
> Does 'xdpyinfo | grep dots' return the same numbers on both
> machines?
I see :)  I am in the office now, but I tried to play with dpi. I used
to think that dpi _is_ resolution / real_monitor_dimensions, and could
not be set in Xserver config. But I found its set in xdm/Xservers, I saw
that x11 R device and ps dump from them are dependent on it.
Thank you!


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