[R] survrec 1.1-2

Juan Ramon Gonzalez jrgonzalez at ico.scs.es
Wed Nov 12 12:22:36 CET 2003

Dear R-Listers,

We have just updated the version 1.1-2 of  "survrec" package. As you can
remember this package deals with recurrent event data. Previous version
computes survival curves when the interocurrence times are iid or
correlated. The new version allows to calculate asymptotic standard errors
for Peña-Straderman-Hollander's and Wang-Chang's estimators (print,
summary,.. are still similar to survival package). We can plot pointwise
confidence intervals using these standard errors using plot function.
Furthermore, we have added a new function called "survdiffr" that computes
the bootstrap distribution for a selected quantile. The result of this
function is an object of class "boot". So, using "boot" package we can
compute the bootstrap confidence intervals using "boot.ci" function.

Best Regards,

Juan R Gonzalez

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