[R] installing an add-on package

Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Jr paulojus at est.ufpr.br
Tue Nov 11 15:10:32 CET 2003

The command:

install.packages() works for whatever platform.
See ?install.packages

If you youse windoes you can go to the top menu and under "Packages"
you will finf "Install packages from CRAN" and "Install from local zip
if you have aready downloaded the package use the second.

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Christian Gold wrote:

> Dear all,
> my apologies if I am posting a silly question - but I couldn't find any
> helpful information on this elswhere.
> In the R FAQ, version 1.8-1, there is a section "5.2 How can add-on
> packages be installed?", but it only gives information for Unix users.
> How can I install an add-on package under Windows? (Specifically, I have
> downloaded the "rmeta" package from CRAN.)
> Thanks for your help!
> Christian

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