[R] stack overflow and predict()

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Sat Nov 8 01:24:25 CET 2003

Try something like this (suppose x is the matrix of predictors in the
training set, and xtest is the same for the test set):

my.rp <- rpart(y ~ x, ...)
test.pred <- predict(my.rp, newdata=data.frame(x=I(xtest)))

Make sure the name of the variable in the data frame given to newdata
matches the name of the variable in the original formula, in this case `x',
a matrix.


> From: Ji Zhu [mailto:jizhu at umich.edu] 
> Dear R users,
> I'm trying to use rpart() to build a classification tree on a 
> big dataset. The number of samples is n=100 and the number of 
> variables is p=10000.
> At first I stored all the data in a data.frame and got a 
> "stack overflow" error; then I changed the data into a matrix 
> and the problem disappeared. Now the trouble is when I try to 
> use the predict() function, since each newdata is a long list 
> with p=10000 elements, the predict() function doesn't 
> recognize it and simply returns the fitted values at the 
> training data (rather than the newdata).
> Could anyone give me some suggestion on how to proceed?  Thank you.
> Regards,
> Ji
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