[R] Annoteting graphs using text

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Fri Nov 7 19:20:41 CET 2003

Try using paste() instead of cat() in

>                text(20,60,cat("Lin's Concordance Coefficient = ",lincc))

The last expression in your function will be returned as the value of 
the function; that is the best way to get results out of a function 
and available for use outside the function.


At 12:49 PM -0500 11/7/03, Craig H. Ziegler wrote:
>Dear All,
>I am new to R and am trying to learn how to create functions using R.
>Below is code which calculates Lin's Concordance Coefficient.  After
>I calculate the coefficient I want to create a scatter plot which
>annotates the coefficient along with preceding text onto the plot.
>The below code doesn't seem to work.  If I use only the object
>'lincc' on the text command it works (but doesn't give me the preceding
>text) or if I use only "Lin's Concordance Coefficient = " on the text
>command it works (but doesn't place on the plot the value for the object
>'lincc').  Similarly, I have tried using:
>           linc=cat("Lin's Concordance Coefficient = ",lincc)
>within the function and then specifying:
>                     text(20,60,(linc)
>Also, the objects I create inside a "user defined function"
>are internal to the function.  Is there anyway/command that
>can make them external, i.e., make them exists to perform
>tasks on outside the user defined function.
>Can anyone offer some advise as to what I am doing wrong?
>Craig Ziegler
># o1 is the x vector
># o2 is the y vector
># I am trying to correlate these vectors to get
># Lin's Concordance Coeffient.  These are just
># test vectors
>#title is a specification for the plot title; see 'main = title' in the
>#plot function
>#hlab is the x axis label; see "xlab = hlab" in the plot function
>#vlab is the y axis label; see "ylab = vlab" in the plot function
>title="This is a test plot"
>vlab="Label for verticle axis"
>hlab="Label for horizontal axis"
># Start of the function I call lin
>lin = function (x,y)
>      {
>       lincc =
>               (2 * cov(x,y)) /
>               (var(x) + (var(y)) +
>	      ((mean(x) - mean(y))^2))
>                print(lincc)
>        agree =
>                plot(x,y,xlim=c(0,70),ylim=c(0,70),
>	       main = title, xlab = hlab, ylab = vlab )
>	       abline(0,1)
>                #Below is where I am having trouble as discussed above
>                text(20,60,cat("Lin's Concordance Coefficient = ",lincc))
>	       print(agree)
>        }
>#executes the function
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