[R] SOM function with missig values

Eric ESPOSITO eric.esposito at gazdefrance.com
Fri Nov 7 13:52:23 CET 2003

I found two sorts of functions to use the SOM algorithm, one in the package
"som" and the other one in the package "class", but none of them deal with
the missing values.
The som function in package "som" gives results with option init="random",
but the value of the code vector has missing values where at least one of
the training vectors has a missing value which is not acceptable to me. I
know SOM algorithm is quite good to handle missing values, does anyone know
if a som function dealing with missing values exists and where I can find
it. I heard about "GeneSOM" package but couldn't find it on the CRAN
website, is it the same as "som" package?
Thanks for any help!


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