[R] XML package

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Nov 7 04:07:34 CET 2003

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 02:58:38AM +0000, Sen-Lin Tang wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I have tried to install biocoductor package. During the installation, there 
> was an error message showing, there is no XML package available and 
> suggested me to download from the R-project website. Unfortunately I could 
> not find it. Could you give me a hand? Thanks a lot.

Try this for the source package:

where I substituted .au. for the .us. location I'd use. Binary packages are
in the sibbling directories. 

If you happen to run Debian, thanks to Rafael's packaging work on this:

	$ apt-get install r-cran-xml
Hth, Dirk

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