[R] Absolut newbie questions

Philipp Pagel p.pagel at gsf.de
Thu Nov 6 17:13:14 CET 2003


> We have just measured dx and dt (d standing here for \Delta) on an inclined 
> plain and received some data thet are in two lists (x_list and t_list). The 
> theory says, that dx = a/2*(dt)^2 for a constant a.
> I should like to fit the data against the theoretical prediction. This 
> should deliver an estimate for a.

You will find everyhing you want to know in the chapter on statistical
models in the manual "Introduction to R". Also look at the online
documentation for lm() and maybe nls().

> Then I should like to graph the data (as bullets) and the predicted 
> function into the same graph.

Have a look at the documentation for plot(), line() and predict(). 


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