[R] R function help arranged in categorical order ?

David Brahm brahm at alum.mit.edu
Wed Nov 5 16:24:42 CET 2003

Neil Osborne <r_stuff_online at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Is any one aware of R help documentation that is aranged in functional
> categories for e.g.:
>   String manipulation
>   File I/O
>   Dataframe, List manipulation

There really oughta be.  Several people replied with ways to search the help,
but that assumes you know the specific task you want to perform, and the right
"keyword" to describe it.  Beginners often just want to learn what's available.

For a few functional categories there are "general" help pages, and you might
not easily stumble across them.  Here's a list I came up with recently.  Just
type e.g. "?Arithmetic" at the R prompt to learn about Arithmetic Operators.

?Extract     (same as ?Subscript)
?Rdconv      (RdUtils page: Rdconv, Rd2dvi, Rd2txt, Sd2Rd)
?Special     (beta, gamma, choose, ...)
?build       (PkgUtils page: R CMD build, R cmd check)
?connections (file, pipe, ...)
?pi          (Constants page: LETTERS, letters, month.abb, month.name, pi)

                              -- David Brahm (brahm at alum.mit.edu)

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