[R] map does not display maps, MacOSX

Philippe Glaziou glaziou at pasteur-kh.org
Wed Nov 5 12:53:52 CET 2003

Prof Brian D Ripley <ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> Notice the // in the path
> /Users/glaziou/Library/R/maps/mapdata//world.N
> Some Windows filesystems do not like that, and my guess is that
> some MacOS X ones may not either.

I noticed that.  However, this does not to seem to bother MacOSX
too much (R internals on MacOSX may not like it):

madeleine:~> pwd
madeleine:~> ls Library/R//maps//mapdata
county.G  nz.G  state.G  usa.G  world.G  world2.G  world2.N
county.L  nz.L  state.L  usa.L  world.L  world2.L
madeleine:~> cd Library///////R/maps//mapdata
madeleine:~/Library/R/maps/mapdata> pwd


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