[R] Cointegration

Adrian Trapletti a.trapletti at bluewin.ch
Wed Nov 5 12:52:11 CET 2003

>In tseries, look for ?adf.test & ?pp.test.
These are standard unit-root tests and can only be used to test for 
cointegration indirectly. And then the critical values have to be 
adapted. A direct test for cointegration is po.test from tseries.

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>Do any packages exist for cointegration, please?
No. However, it is pretty simple to implement the Engle-Granger two-step 
procedure by using lm, embed, and maybe arima, together with one of the 
mentioned tests.

>Do we need them, if the answer to the previous is no, please?
It would be nice to have one, sure. In particular, the Johansen procedures.

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