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Ivar Herfindal Ivar.Herfindal at bio.ntnu.no
Wed Nov 5 11:44:16 CET 2003

On Wed,  5 Nov 2003 11:28:42 +0100 (MET), Mathieu Ros 
<mros at autan.toulouse.inra.fr> wrote:

>>>>>> "k" == kjetil  <kjetil at entelnet.bo> disait:
> <snip>
> k> I also tried
> k>> map("worldHires","sweden")
> k>> map("worldHires","denmark") # which comes out very small since it
> k>                              # includes the Faroe k>                   
> # islands properly faraway
> and, just to know, how would you do to plot *only* continental
> denmark? The same applies for france, UK, ...

One simple way of doing it is to specify the xlim and ylim of your map, 
e.g. library(maps)
map('world', 'Norway', xlim=c(5, 33), ylim=c(55, 75))

btw. the reason why Norway comes out so small when writing only

map('world', 'Norway')

is due to the Bouvet Island, located south (54 degrees south) in the 
Atlantic Ocean.

Ivar Herfindal

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