[R] more barplot presentation questions

Paul Sorenson Paul.Sorenson at vision-bio.com
Wed Nov 5 00:15:03 CET 2003

Thanks to those who pointed me at the solutions to the legend overprinting the bars.  I took the "easy" way of rescaling the y axis, picking the scaling factor for stacked bars is somewhat problematic but sufficient for my application.

I have another couple of barplot questions:

	- Can I extend the major ticks on the Y axis across the page?  Or both axes to form a grid?

	- A really neat graph for me would be a combination of side-by-side and stacked bars in a single plot to display an additional category.

The background on the second problem is that I am displaying software defect metrics.  For each month (the bins) the categories of interest are:
	- new/fixed/closed
	- numeric severity (1 - 5)

I am currently displaying 5 separate graphs (6 when you take the aggregate into account) with new/fixed/closed side-by-side.  If within the side-by-side graphs I could show the severity stacked that would be very neat.


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