[R] Binaries for ROracle and V 1.8. needed

Michael Mader m.mader at gsf.de
Tue Nov 4 10:43:07 CET 2003


Claus Gwiggner wrote:

> > there is no Oracle Client on my machine (Redhat Linux 9.0/686i,
> > R1.8.0). I cannot thus compile the ROracle package.

You can in principle: Copy libs and the tnsconfig from the Oracle server
manually (no fun, but at least for Ora8i I managed this in some 30 min).

> > Who has a binary version of ROracle for my configuration?

I don't think that this will help you (at least it will NOT be robust!)

> > Is there another way to connect to an Oracle base?

In principle yes, but this is clearly the recommended way.


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