[R] Generic Function

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Tue Nov 4 02:04:29 CET 2003

Here is a simple example using S3 classes.  We define a generic
function myday.  It dispaches, i.e. calls, a function whose name 
is myday followed by a dot followed by the class of the 
first argument to myday.   After defining myday, define two
functions for it to dispatch: myday.POSIXct and myday.numeric.

   # generic function
   myday <- function(x, ...) UseMethod("myday")

   # if first argument is of class POSIXct then UseMethod calls this:
   myday.POSIXct <- function(dat) as.POSIXlt(dat)$mday

   # if first argument is of class numeric then UseMethod calls this:
   myday.numeric <- function(x) x

   # Here is how it would be called:

   myday(20)       # causes myday.numeric to be dispached. Returns 20.
   myday(Sys.time()) # myday.POSIXct dispatched. Returns 3 on Nov 3rd.

   # We can also query what methods are available:

  methods(myday) # returns vector c("myday.POSIXct","myday.numeric")

Date: 03 Nov 2003 17:28:22 -0500 
From: Arend P. van der Veen <apv at capital.net>
To: <R-Help at stat.math.ethz.ch> 
Subject: [R] Generic Function 


How to I write a generate function that is "specific to the class of the
argument itself" ? 

For example, I created a data.frame that contains results of an
analysis. I would like to write a special plot function with the
following usage


I have been looking through the documentation but have not found
anything to show me how to do this. Any help would be greatly

Thanks in advance,

Arend van der Veen

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