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Martin Wegmann mailinglist2_wegmann at web.de
Mon Nov 3 16:33:15 CET 2003

On Monday 03 November 2003 15:46, Owen, Jason wrote:
> R users,
> In S, there was a function called usa() that
> would draw the map of the United States, plus
> it had other options for graphics.  I have looked
> but I can't find the equivalent in R.  Is there one?

I don't know the usa() function in S but usa() in R gives a map of the US

that's the output of a "usa " search, perhaps that is what you are looking 

cheers Martin

P.S.: www.freegis.org -> GeoData is worth a look for more maps

usa() {map}

 This database produces a map of the United States mainland generated from US 
Department of the Census data (see the reference). 




 The data file is merely an assignment to a character string which specifies 
the name of an environment variable which contains the base location of the 
binary files used by the map drawing functions. This environment variable 
(R_MAP_DATA_DIR for the datasets in the maps package) is set at package load 
time if it does not already exist. Hence setting the environment variable 
before loading the package can override the default location of the binary 


 Richard A. Becker, and Allan R. Wilks, "Maps in S", AT&T Bell Laboratories 
Statistics Research Report [93.2], 1993. 

Richard A. Becker, and Allan R. Wilks, "Constructing a Geographical Database", 
AT&T Bell Laboratories Statistics Research Report [95.2], 1995. 

US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, County Boundary File, computer tape, 
available from Customer Services, Bureau of the Census, Washingdon DC 20233.

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