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On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, John Fox wrote:

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> >Hello,
> >I have 4 questions in R and I am looking for 4 answers!
> >the questions are the below:
> >1) is there a function in R for the Least Significant Difference method 
> >for multiple comparisons?
> There is a multcomp package that implements many methods for multiple 
> comparisons, but I'm not sure whether it does LSD.

You don't need a special function.  Fisher's protected LSD first does an
overall F test, then uses the standard formulae as implemented by e.g.
se.contrast.  For balanced layouts the LSD is very simple indeed.

> >4) Whis function gives me the opprotunity to give data to my program while 
> >it's running?That is, how can i give information, like cin in C++, to my 
> >program will it is running in R.
> >
> See ?readline.

scan() would be a closer analog.  You can use source, read.table, the data 
editor, ....

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