[R] Beginner: Homogenity of Variances

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Sun Nov 2 16:36:18 CET 2003

"Markus Koesters" <Markus.Koesters at uni-jena.de> wrote:

>for my meta-analysis I try to test if two varainces are equal without 
>using the raw scores. I have is the SD's, N's and the Means.
>I want to test the variances from dependent and independend 
>I assume I can use the var.test procedure for the independent 
>samples, but what about the dependent samples ? Has anyone an 
>idea how to realise this with R ?
>Thanks in advance
For independent samples there is a simple technique described by Larsen, 
Am. Stat, May 1992
for turning summary statistics back into a data set with an equivalent 
ANOVA summary.

This is implemented and described in my STAT2DAT macro,

It should be easy to translate into R.

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