[R] Partial least squares.

Carlos J. Gil Bellosta sigma at consultoresestadisticos.com
Sat Nov 1 02:01:47 CET 2003

Dear R-helpers,

I am looking, quite unsuccesfully, for a number of functions/packages.

Firstly, I am interested in a package for partial least squares. I have 
found that there seemed to exist a package called pls, but which seems 
not to run any more with modern versions of R. I have not been able to 
find certain "chemometrics package" I found some people discussing about 
in this list some time ago and that, it seems, included these kind of 

Secondly, I have not been able to find a function "equivalent" to the 
SAS procedure STEPDISC which performs a step process (only available for 
lm and glm on R) on linear discriminant analysis (lda on R).

Does anybody know of a top-the-shelf answer to these questions?

Carlos J. Gil Bellosta
Sigma Consultores Estadísticos

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