[R] how to build specific doc types in Windows

Gordon Smyth smyth at wehi.edu.au
Sun May 18 13:12:32 CEST 2003

I am building R packages using R 1.7.0pat under Windows 2000 Professional. 
All works fine except that I haven't been able to figure out how to use the 
--docs=TYPE option. I would like to optionally turn off building chm help. 
I have tried build commands like

rcmd build --binary --docs=TYPE mypackagename

In place of "TYPE" I have tried things like "html", "text", "chm", "t", 
"h", "HTML" etc, etc, but all of these break the build entirely. What are 
the actual options for --docs=TYPE? I have tried all the documentation 
sources I know of, plus hacking the perl code, but can't see what the 
options are.


For easy reference, here is the help output from rcmd build:

Usage: Rcmd build [options] pkgdirs

Build R packages from package sources in the directories specified by

   -h, --help            print short help message and exit
   -v, --version         print version info and exit

   --force               force overwriting of (index) files
   --no-vignettes        do not rebuild package vignettes

   --binary              build pre-compiled binary packages, with options:
   --docs=TYPE           type(s) of documentation to build and install
   --auto-zip            select zipping of data and help based on size
   --use-zip-data        collect data files in zip archive
   --use-zip-help        collect help and examples into zip archives
   --use-zip             combine '--use-zip-data' and '--use-zip-help'

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