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Tanya Murphy tmurph6 at po-box.mcgill.ca
Mon Mar 31 16:04:25 CEST 2003

Thanks to all who have replied to this. I find the advice very encouraging. 
I've been reading the recommended links on Sweave and I think it will answer a 
major part of my goals.

As for Perl vs. Python, I don't know which would be best. I've started out in 
Perl because someone got me started with a little Perl program, but I've 
looked at Python, too. I'm working in Windows (and that's not likely to change 
anytime soon--at the office, anyway) and I think WinEdt serves as a good 
enhanced editor for the main applications--LaTex, R and Perl--as well as a way 
to organize the files for a project. The GUI for Pyton seems nice, too, 

Saghir, why do you prefer Python?

Is there a fairly easy way to become SAS-free for data management and 
cleaning? I'm told R is really not ideal for data cleaning. Is this what RODBC 
is about?


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>Dear Tanya,
>Have you considered using Python (www.python.org) instead of Perl? I use
>Python, LaTeX, and R for doing what you describe. My process is evolving and
>cannot recommend it as being the best. Essentially I am moving towards a
>database approach currently using dictionaries in Python. In the longer term
>I plan to switch to MySQL.
>In summary I split the problem into bits that link into a relational
>database and use meta data to run my reports. So once the data base is set
>up I only need to give the key information and my programs find all relevant
>information in the database meaning that I never need to modify any programs
>to run a report with new data - just the database.
>I don't know of any references for this bnut if you get any to your original
>query I would be interested.
>Best regards,
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>> Hello,
>> I've been trying to familiarize myself with the computing tools of the
>> trade
>> (e.g. SAS, R, Perl, LaTex) and I've been getting somewhere with the
>> individual
>> programs, but I'm trying to get a better sense of how to integrate these
>> tools. I'd like to use scripts and create reports in a more organized way.
>> Can
>> anyone recommend books or, better yet free online articles, on this topic?
>> Maybe I should be a little more specific about what I do: I'm a research
>> assistant in clinical epidemiology doing mainly data management and
>> analysis.
>> I do a number of repetitive tasks like updating a research database from
>> the
>> original clinic database and other sources, create reports, create
>> graphical
>> output for individual patients, as well as work on individual research
>> projects. Unfortunately I am not working closely with 'real' statisticians
>> who
>> have probably developped good work habits using these tools. Any advice on
>> 'the big picture' would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> Tanya Murphy

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