[R] Temporarily turn off certain warnings

ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sat Mar 29 15:31:03 CET 2003

>From fixInNamespace, a new function in 1.7.0-to-be

    if (bindingIsLocked(subx, ns)) {
        unlockBinding(subx, ns)
        assign(subx, x, env = ns)
        w <- options("warn")
        options(warn = -1)
        lockBinding(subx, ns)

and if the function continues and you want warnings back on, you could do

        w <- options("warn")
        options(warn = -1)
        lockBinding(subx, ns)

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Damon Wischik wrote:

> When I call, for example
> > min()
> > min(Inf,Inf)
> I get the warning: "no finite arguments to min; returning Inf".
> When I make such a call, it is usually intentionally. I would like to turn
> off those warnings, so they don't hide other (usually more serious)
> warnings. (I like to debug my programs with options(warn=2).)
> How can I write a function which does the same as min but doesn't generate
> these warnings? I wrote my own version of min, but I'm not confident it
> deals properly with all the structures that min deals with. So what I'd
> like to know is how I can turn off a specific warning in a specific block
> of code. I looked at try, but it seems to deal with errors rather than
> warnings.

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