[R] weighted least squares

Paul, David A paulda at BATTELLE.ORG
Fri Mar 28 16:52:04 CET 2003

I apologize, in advance, for cross-posting this to 
the R listserv.  I have submitted this query twice 
to the S listserv (yesterday and this morning)and 
neither post has "made it", not sure why.

When I run the code

gls.1 <- 
gls(y ~ x, data = foo.frame, 
weights = varPower(form = ~ fitted(.)|group),
control = list(maxIter = 500, msMaxIter = 500), 
verbose = TRUE)

I get the message

"Warning messages:
a database with name "controlvals" already in search 
list: access by where="controlvals" may not work in: 

and Splus tells me that "Maximum number of iterations
reached without convergence".

What's going on?  I don't remember ever attaching a
database named "controlvals".

Respectfully & Much Thanks in Advance,

 David Paul

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