[R] Tweedie, dglm in R ?

Mathieu Ros mros at autan.toulouse.inra.fr
Fri Mar 28 15:25:18 CET 2003

>>>>> "AC" == Andreas Christmann <christmann at statistik.uni-dortmund.de> disait:

    AC> Has anyone converted the S-PLUS software tweedie, dglm,
    AC> polygamma, digamma written by Gordon Smyth to R?

    AC> The S-Plus sources are: http://www.statsci.org/s/dglm.html
    AC> http://www.statsci.org/s/digammaf.html
    AC> http://www.statsci.org/s/polygamm.html
    AC> http://www.statsci.org/s/tweedief.html

    AC> Some modifications seem to be necessary for e.g. in
    AC> glm.weights, lm.wfit, ...

I use dglm on S+2000 and then dump the results in R for further
I'd also like this code to be converted to R, but I had
always thought that it wasn't open source. Maybe it would be worth
asking to G. Smyth. 

Mathieu Ros
PhD student, INRA.

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