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Subject: [R] Simple NLME problem (I hope)  
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"Vumani Dlamini" wrote:
>Dear R-Users:

>I would like to fit a multilevel model using LME such that the parameters 
>after fitting the multilevel in two separate groups and when I use the 
>complete data (with interactions between the grouping variable and the other 
>variables) set are comparable (or the same).

>The problem I am having currently is that I am not sure whether it is 
>possible to let the random error term to vary by group such that the models 
>are comparable. At present only one random error term is estimate and this 
>"sort of" distorts the parameter estimates for the fixed and other random 

>Looking forward to your help.

It may be that you want to use the "weights=varIdent(form=~1|groups)"
argument which will fit a variance for each level of the groups

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