[R] mozilla and R -- again

Anne York york at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 27 22:52:17 CET 2003

I noticed last week that when using mozilla (both 1.2 and 1.3) as  the
help browser in R, it exhibits the following behavior: 

1. assuming the browser is running go to the help -> "search engine and key

2. enter a string, say "plot"

3. when the "search results" are displayed, click on something, say

4. go back to the search results using the browser "Back" button

5. click on something else, eg, "arrows"

Nothing happens.  I get the same results with mozilla 1.2 and 1.3
running R 1.6.2 in both RH 8.0 and Windows 2000.  

Seems like the links just die. I'm wondering if this is this simply a
mozilla issue as browsers work fine with R.  Or perhaps some of the R gurus
might have some idea if mozilla can be configured differently to work
better with R? 


Anne E. York
National Marine Mammal Laboratory
Seattle WA 98115-0070  USA
e-mail: anne.york at noaa.gov
Voice: +1 206-526-4039
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