[R] Plotting K-M Curve when have several strata

Ko-Kang Kevin Wang kwan022 at stat.auckland.ac.nz
Wed Mar 26 13:13:57 CET 2003


If I have:
  foo <- survfit(y ~ x)
where y is a survival object and x is a n-level factor.  The documentation 
says when I plot(foo), the confidence intervals will not be plotted (which 
I guess is understandable as otherwise the plot will get really messy).  

I tried to plot with confidence intervals by using:
  plot(foo, conf.int = TRUE)
and indeed the resulting plot is messy.  However I'm just wondering if I 
can (suppose x is a 2-level factor) use different colours and line types 
for the confidence lines?  If I do:  
  plot(foo, conf.int = TRUE, col = 1:2)
then I'll get two different colours.  What I would like is to then plot 
the confidence lines using lty = 2 (while keeping the colour).

Can I do this?



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