[R] Help regarding C/C++ usage ..

venkat.prasad@siritech.com venkat.prasad at siritech.com
Mon Mar 24 14:23:49 CET 2003


We have started to use R for our statistical based application especially
for Clustering.    Clustering is one of features of the software that we
are developing.  We are developing the entire product using Microsoft
Technologies VC++, VB with ODBC.  I wanted to use R for performing the
Clustering and generate results.  I want to call R functions in my C++
program.  How can I do that ?  I would appreciate if you could give me the
entire syntax for building too.   It would be great help and boost for my
software development if you could send me a sample project.

Thanks in advance awaiting a early and positive response.

Venkat Prasad M S

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