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No, John means that you need to install the survey package from CRAN,
which contains analytics for handling sample weights within the
context of various inferential tools.

There is some documentation that comes with it.


"Reed, Richard W" <Richard.Reed at med.va.gov> writes:

> Hi John--
> 	I haven't seen anything on the website that has a name like that. Do
> you mean "The R Environment for Statistical Computing and Graphics:
> Reference Manual"?

> Richard
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> Dear Richard,
> See the survey package.
> John
> At 11:07 AM 3/22/2003 -0800, Reed, Richard W wrote:
>>         I am a new user of R. I have sample weights that I would like to
>>apply to some of the variables in my data set. Where can I go for
>>information on how to do that?
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