[R] Plot multi series on one plot

Michael A. Miller mmiller3 at iupui.edu
Fri Mar 21 15:34:09 CET 2003

>>>>> "mhoward" == mhoward  <mhoward at micron.com> writes:

    > R help, How can I plot the below data table by Data ~ Site
    > and group by Grinder and Equip Id so I get a chart like
    > this Excel version? I have tried coplot with little success
    > and lattice makes a pretty good chart like I want, but I am
    > using the DCOM so it does not display correctly. I would
    > like to make this using the base library if possible.

    >  <<...OLE_Obj...>>

Your excel plot did not come along with your message, so I'm not
quite sure what you're looking for.  I won't let that stop me
from suggesting something though!

I know you've said lattice is not working for you, but I still
recommend it - something like

 df <- read.table('tmp.dat',header=T)
 dotplot(SITE~DATA|GRINDER*EQUIPID, data=df)

Other wise you can use dotchart, which is in the base library.
Try something like this:

 dotchart(tapply(df$DATA, list(df$SITE,paste(df$GRINDER,df$EQUIPID)), mean))


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