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On 19 Mar 2003 at 8:57, Michael D. Ward wrote:

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I have a machine with 1.5Gb of physical memory, and have for a long 
time used --max-mem-size 2G, 
without any problems. Just yesterday that wasn't enough, so I tried 
to increase to --max-mem-size 4G, which was rejected by R. 
I lowered to 3G, and the program seemt to be running fine, but 
eventually I had to kill the process (hanging). 

This is windows XP professional. So, at least on XP, there is 
certainly not a hard coded limit of 1G. But why the limit somewhere 
between 3 and 4G?

Have others had problems with R processes eventually hanging on XP, 
if using more than 2G og memory?

Kjetil Halvorsen

> Has anyone allocated more than one Gig of memory for R under Windows? When I try the diagnostic tells me I am decreasing memory and the memory size value is a very large negative number.
> I suspect the problem may be a signed integer that overflows. Is 1 G a hard
> limit for memory allocation in R under Windows?
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