[R] Tukey's HSD

Thomas W Blackwell tblackw at umich.edu
Wed Mar 19 19:20:50 CET 2003

What function "simint()" ?

At least using R 1.6.1 (Redhat linux), help.search("simint")
returns "No help files found ...".

Also, it's no surprise that  na.omit()  might omit rows with NA's
but then NOT purge the levels attribute of each column that is a
factor for factor levels that are no longer used.  For a simple
example of this, try

table(def4$TP, def4$EL)

(or some such object names - I no longer have the body of the
original email).

-  tom blackwell  -  u michigan medical school  -  ann arbor  -

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