Adelchi Azzalini azzalini at stat.unipd.it
Wed Mar 19 10:09:20 CET 2003

Hi. Could anyone help with the following?

>  library(RMySQL)
Loading required package: methods 
>  handle<-dbDriver("MySQL")
> con<-dbConnect(handle, dbname="echp",  host="tango", user="aa")
Segmentation fault

Some  variants of the above cheme invariably end up with the same conclusion.
The "DBI"  and "RMySQL" packages have compiled correclty, apparently,
when installed.  Here below are system data.

Best wishes,

Adelchi Azzalini

> R.version
platform i686-pc-linux-gnu
arch     i686             
os       linux-gnu        
system   i686, linux-gnu  
major    1                
minor    6.1              
year     2002             
month    11               
day      01               
language R                

Adelchi Azzalini  <azzalini at stat.unipd.it>
Dipart.Scienze Statistiche, Università di Padova, Italia

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