[R] SciViews R GUI preview version available

Philippe Grosjean phgrosjean at sciviews.org
Tue Mar 18 15:45:49 CET 2003

Hi all,
After being a long time off the R and R-SIG-GUI lists, because I was working
hard on SciViews, I am happy to deliver the first public version of this
program. It is still v. 0.1, that is, an incomplete alpha version. It
currently installs only on Windows 2000 or XP (NOT on Windows
9X/ME/Millenium, nor any other platform!). You can download it at
http://www.sciviews.org. Please, note that the program still does not
support path names with spaces, like the default one, "C:\Program
Files\SciViews\". You _have to change_ the default value of installation
folder in the setup program to something like "c:\Pgm\SciViews\"! Of course,
you need also R installed on the same computer (at least version 1.5.0).

This package proposes:
- Insighter, a GUI specifically designed for data analysis. It offers:
  + a MDI (multiple document interface),
  + a complete IDE (code editing with syntax highlighting, bookmarks, run,
step-by-step execution,...),
  + a command bar which handle several simultaneous calculation kernels, an
advanced history of commands, syntax highlighting, and quick tips for
functions. It operates hand in hand with the integrated, advanced console
  + an integrated reporting system (rich text format with graphs, figures
and embedded objects),
  + an integrated help system in HTML format (although not active yet for
  + an explorer (no object explorer yet, but this is planned for the next
  + a 'library docking window' (for quick reference electronic cards, code
templates, and more...),
  + a fully customizable menus/toolbars/docking panels system, very similar
to the Microsoft Office 2000 one,
  + even more customization in the SciViews sessions (icon, program title,
splash screen, default working directory,...).
- SciViews main module, to manage and open SciViews sessions,
- Xchanger, a centralized system to connect different calculation kernels
through SciViews plugs,
- currently, only one plug is provided: for R. Plugs for Octave, Matlab,
S-PLUS, Scilab, Ox, Mathematica,... are in development.

At http://www.sciviews.org/software/Insighter.gif, you will find a
screenshot example of SciViews Insighter with a R console, a R graph device
and a reporting document openend in the same session. License is GPL 2 or
above. Code source is provided but you need Visual Basic 6.0 pro to edit it.

Our next work will be dedicated to custom dialog boxes and to the object
explorer... and of course, bugs elimination and better compatibility with
Windows 9X/ME/Millenium.

Your comments are welcome.
Best regards,

Philippe Grosjean

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