[R] xgobi?

Deborah Swayne dfs at research.att.com
Mon Mar 17 14:28:52 CET 2003

> As far as I understood from the documentation of xgobi. The package is 
> intended to plot data in 3D (and more). 

While xgobi is still available, it is no longer receiving much of its
authors' attention.  Its successor ggobi (www.ggobi.org), on the other
hand, is growing all the time.  While xgobi can be launched from R,
that is the extent of its relationship to S or R; no live connection
between the two processes is maintained.  ggobi, on the other hand, is
embedded in R and has an API which is expressed in the Rggobi package.
The curious are welcome to direct further questions about ggobi and
Rggobi to ggobi-help at ggobi.org.


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