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>> Hi List,
>> i am locking for a GUI for R. I have a Debian Woody 3.0 and 
>running R 
>> 1.5.1. In office i am using SPSS 9.0 for several years now after 
>> Systat for short
>> time and now i would use a statistic software under Linux at home.
>> seems 
>> that R could be that what i am looking for, but i have problems to
>> understand 
>> how it works or better explained i would prefer using a good grafic
>> interface.
>> Wich one could i try ??
>> thank you
>> ULI

There are a variety of R-GUI projects underway. More information is
available at http://www.sciviews.org/_rgui/.  There is also a
R-SIG-GUI e-mail list for folks interested and you may wish to
consider reviewing them and contributing to the efforts. Some
background is also available there on the pros and cons of using a

I do not use any of the GUI's, so I cannot comment in detail. However,
it does appear that a notable amount of time and energy is being
commited to the endeavors listed.

I should note that not all of the projects listed there are actual
GUI's but are functional enhancements to editors and IDE's for use
with R.

There are many "official" and contributed documents for R, including
an increasing number of published books that cover R coding and you
may wish to review these. Most contain introductory materials for new
users. R-FAQ 2.7 reviews many of these and there is a link on the main
R page under "Documentation" for the contributed documents.


Marc Schwartz

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