[R] logistic regression

orkun temiz at deprem.gov.tr
Fri Mar 14 15:48:37 CET 2003

I need to use logistic regression. But
my data file is very huge( appx. 4 million line).
R doesn't handle such a file.
What can I do ?
So, I thought whether I could perform sta. analyses on summarised
data (count of yes/no values) of the huge file. Normally, summarised
data file short and R could handle it.
Then I used this command.
 > lo <-glm(hey.count~as.factor(jeo)+as.factor(eg)+as.factor(kon)+
as.factor(yol)+ as.factor(aks)+as.factor(fay),family=poisson,data=dt2)

as you see I used count value of yes/no data as independent data.

Is it good idea to use this method instead of binomial logistic regression ?

what do you suggest more ?

thanks in advance

Ahmet Temiz
Geological Engineer
General Directorate
of Disaster Affairs

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