[R] error installing R on linux 8.0

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Fri Mar 14 14:59:38 CET 2003

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>The problem in this case is that the RPM file is corrupted.  
>Try downloading a fresh copy from CRAN.
>To check if the package has been corrupted type:
>rpm -K --nosignature /mnt/cdrom/linux/8.x/R-1.6.2-1.i386.rpm
>It is possible to install a gpg-signed RPM package without 
>importing the corresponding public key into the RPM database.

Martyn is correct of course. I had not considered a corrupted RPM in
my reply, but clearly should have.

One other thought to add, which is that it may not be the downloaded
RPM file that is corrupted, but the copy that was burned to the CD.  I
have seen a fair number of posts on RH usenet groups where folks have
downloaded the RH ISO files without problems (including the MD5
checksums being correct). However, the media check during installation
indicated a problem with the image on the CD, which could be the
result of a poor burn or a problem with the media itself.

Thus, you might want to also try a different CD as part of the

Martyn, I am wondering if it would be reasonable to include a
md5summ.txt file along with the RPMs to enable a check to be made of
the downloaded (and possibly burned) RPM file against a known value
that you generate?

Best regards,

Marc Schwartz

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