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Mathieu Roelants mathieu.roelants at vub.ac.be
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You can try RarcInfo, which has it's homepage at
there is a link to free data in the section "related resources".


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> Dear all,
> I've seen that there are some maps, or at least costlines in R. The oz
> package is the map of Autralia and in the fields package there is a US
> map and a world map. This world map allows to select smaller sections
> such Europe:
> library(fields)
> world(xlim=c(-10,18),ylim=c(36,60))
> However, at this scale the map is quite crude (and several important big
> islands are messing).
> My question is: is there any more accurate map of Europe available out
> there?
> (I'm specially interested in the Iberian Peninsula)
> Thanks in advance
> Juli
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