[R] error installing R on linux 8.0

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at medanalytics.com
Thu Mar 13 19:34:09 CET 2003

Wenyan Zhong wrote:
> Hi there,
> When installing R on linux 8.0, I got the following error message:
> rpm -i /mnt/cdrom/linux/8.x/R-1.6.2-1.i386.rpm
> error: /mnt/cdrom/linux/8.x/R-1.6.2-1.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: BAD,
> key ID 97d3544e
> error: /mnt/cdrom/linux/8.x/R-1.6.2-1.i386.rpm cannot be installed
> Any suggestions as what I did wrong?
> Thanks in advance.
> Wenyan

I am going to presume that you mean Red Hat 8.0.

In the readme file that Martyn has on CRAN in the same directory from 
which you would have downloaded the RPM, he indicates that in order to 
check the RPM signature you have to import his public key into the RPM 

The readme URL on CRAN is:


To quote from the file:

The RPMS are signed with GPG, and you are advised to check the signature
before installing them, for your own security.  You can obtain my public
key which has ID 97D3544E from any key server on pgp.net. Ask me for
my public key fingerprint if you want to be sure.

Note that, in Red Hat 8.0, you must import my public key into the RPM
database (as root) in order to check the GPG signature.  This is a
change from previous releases of Red Hat Linux.  See the man page for rpm.

Here is one way to do it:

gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net --recv-key 97d3544e
gpg --output plummer.gpg --armor --export 97d3544e
rpm --import plummer.gpg

Copy and paste each one of the above four commands into a console window 
and that should resolve the problem.

Hope that helps.


Marc Schwartz

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