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Darryl darryl.greig at hp.com
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If that is what you tried, then you didn't supply the object to the
write.table function.
e.g. if your data.frame is called mydata in R you need


The file is ascii. Note also that you either have to use forward slashes (as
above) or double backslashes


R doesn't do the expected thing with single backslashes as you wrote it.

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Sorry about making this stupid question, but I did not
find the answer from documentation.

I managed to read my spss .sav file into the R, no
problem.  Next I would like to write this data to a
file in ascii-format. I tried to use write.table and I
got no error messages, but no file either. What is the
right way to make it?

At least write.table("c:\foo\data.dat") does not

Thanks in advance!


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