[R] R-Graphics: Scaling axis

Till Baumgaertel till.baumgaertel at epost.de
Wed Mar 12 00:00:57 CET 2003


how can I scale the x- and y-axis of a "plot" to the same scale?

My problem: The following command sequence produces the plot in a square.
What I want is the x-axis to be 5 times as wide (measured e.g. in pixels)
as the y-axis is long (because y ranges from -1 to 1 and x ranges from 0
to 10).

x <- seq( from=0, to=10, by=.1)
sinx <- sin(x)
plot( x, sinx, type="l")

In noth help(plot) and help( par) I couldn't find a solution. What am I

Thanks for any hint,

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