[R] DLL error after update.packages

Renaud Lancelot renaud.lancelot at cirad.fr
Mon Mar 10 17:32:18 CET 2003

ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Brett Magill wrote:
>>When updataing packages from CRAN, I got the following error message:
>>updating HTML package descriptions
>>Warning message: 
>>DLL attempted to change FPU control word from 8001f to 9001f 
>>Everything seems fine, the packages updated, just wondering what this was. 
> R 1.6.2 on Windows 98.  Details on the packages dowloaded are below.
> Are you using --internet2?  In that case your Internet Explorer is buggy: 
> it's a known problem.

I just met the same problem with Win98 / R 1.6.2 / Mozilla 1.2.1., while 
updating package from the menu. It did not happen before, with exactly 
the same config.



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