[R] FIX: pscales=list(...) and splom

Jens Scheidtmann scheidtm at mx.uni-sb.de
Mon Mar 10 07:36:29 CET 2003

Dear Deepayan, Dear R list readers,

> On Saturday 08 March 2003 08:31 am, Jens Scheidtmann wrote:
> > Dear R Users,
> >
> > When plotting with "splom" I tried to use the pscales=list(...) feature
> Well, looks like you are the first person ever to actually use this
> :-)

Really? %-)

> > (BTW: the documentation says the components should be $at and $labels.
> > is wrong!)
> Not really. If a list x has a component called labels (and no other
> with lab), then x$lab will return the value of x$labels.

Oh, didn't remember that. I was completely fixed on fixing... :-)

> > But....
> >
> > * The limits of the axes are still generated from the data.
> I don't think I'm going to change this behaviour, since the value of at
> not affect the range in other contexts. (You are of course free to define
> your own superpanel function.)

But there isn't another way to set the range of the scales for the splom
function, is there (sorry, at the moment I am not able to look at the source
of panel.pairs)?

I have 4 variables which intrinsically have range(-1,1) and it is
significant when one of these doesn't use it's full scale. If I don't have
to look for the scales, but know that they have range(-1,1), the splom plot
becomes more comprehendable.

Thanks for you fast and kind reply,

Jens Scheidtmann

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