[R] Re: Followup: copy-paste graphics from R to Word on Mac OS X

Martin Renner martin.renner at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Sun Mar 9 00:37:28 CET 2003

I am just reproducing the text in the dialog boxes while not really 
knowing how OS X handles font names internally. I have a font called 
ZapfDingsbat on my system but in the dialog boxes it's called Zapf 
Dingsbat (with a space). This does not seem to be the main problem, 
however, since the dots in a scatterplot are displayed fine when 
importing a PDF generated by R into Word. All the axis labels, 
however, are missing. I don't know what goes wrong (or whether the 
bug is with R or OS X) but opening the PDF in Freehand and then 
saving it again seems to fix the problem. My gut feeling is that 
Illustrator (which uses PDF natively) should be able to handle a 
correct PDF. Just my 2 cents.

>This is misinformation: the font name in the PDF specifications is
>ZapfDingbats, and that is what the R driver uses, as in
>/Type /Font
>/Subtype /Type1
>/Name /F6
>/BaseFont /ZapfDingbats
>I hope you have sent a suitable bug report to the supplier of your tools.x
>On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Martin Renner wrote:
>>  I had the same problem and came to this solution:
>>  - use pdf() to create a pdf file
>>  - open PDF in Freehand,
>>          during open replace fonts: ZapfDingsbat for Zapf Dingsbat
>>  - save as PDF or EPS and import this into word - bingo
>>  The pdf files created by pdf() seem less than perfect - on my system
>>  (Mac OS X) Illustrator refuses open these files and in Preview or
>>  Word any axis label disappear. Maybe someone here knows enough about
>  > the PDF format to suggest how to fix this rather complicated path.
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