[R] Resizing R console window (was BSOD with ESS[R]...)

Cliff Lunneborg cliff at ms.washington.edu
Thu Mar 6 22:26:06 CET 2003

Simon Gatehouse writes:

" Like many, I fiddle while thinking.  Part of my fiddling has been to
resize the R console window back and forth by dragging with the mouse on
bottom right hand corner. I resize the window by a small amount rapidly
continually . After about 5 seconds of such movement R crashes with the
up "Rgui.exe has generated errors..."  This has happened ever since 1.3,
think. It is unrelated to any other programs I may be running at the

I currently run W2000 and latest R1.6.2. The 1.7.0 development version
same behaviour."

Here I am running R 1.6.2 (binary distribution) under W2000 and have
noticed the same behavior. After resizing the window I commonly cannot
return control to the R console and have to shut down R.

Cliff Lunneborg, Professor Emeritus, Statistics &
Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle
cliff at ms.washington.edu

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