BSOD with ESS[R] under win2000 Simon.Gatehouse at
Thu Mar 6 01:43:18 CET 2003

Perhaps unrelated but for what it may be worth. 

Like many, I fiddle while thinking.  Part of my fiddling has been to rapidly
resize the R consule window back and forth by dragging with the mouse on the
bottom right hand corner. I resize the window by a small amount rapidly and
continually . After about 5 seconds of such movement R crashes with the pop
up "Rgui.exe has generated errors..."  This has happened ever since 1.3, I
think. It is unrelated to any other programs I may be running at the time.  

I currently run W2000 and latest R1.6.2. The 1.7.0 development version has
same behaviour.

I have no problem with this. The value of R is immeasurable and the small
lesson in self discipline has been good for me.
Simon Gatehouse

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It's certainly a difficult problem to isolate - as you say it may well
be connected to some other combination of application / drivers. I shall
investigate emacs help as a next step. 

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Was there anything to indicate that this was a problem in R (and not emacs 
nor Windows, especially a Windows driver)?

Those of us who never experience it will not be familiar with `BSOD': it
is I presume the blue screen shown by a fatal error in Windows internals.
I think I have seen just once under XP (in 2 year's usage).  If so it 
contains information about the cause.

BTW, as the rw-FAQ Q2.11 indicates, this is not the right list for ESS
users' questions, but my guess would be that this is not a problem in 
either R or ESS.

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Darryl Greig wrote:

> I have had a visit from our windows buddy the BSOD twice in one day when
> running
> R1.6.2 under ESS5.1.24 on a win2000 platform. I wasn't doing anything
> special, just
> moving or resizing the emacs window, although I did have 4 or 5 emacs
> windows
> open at the time. Has anyone else observed this problem?

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