Rtips still up (was Re: [R] How to draw several plots in one figure?

Paul Johnson pauljohn at ku.edu
Wed Mar 5 14:25:01 CET 2003

Dear Feng and everybody

I still have my list of "how to" things for R and sometimes I even try
to add more.  Here's the address


I can't tell if you want to have several plots on the same page, in 
which case you should use this item:


Of if you want a full overlay onto the exact same piece of paper, in 
which you should look at:


When I first put up the R tips page, several of the R regulars checked 
it over for errors, but it has probably been a year or two since I got 
any advice, constructive or otherwise.  I know new users still sometimes 
find it because I get follow up questions, but I'm always glad for more 
help.  So, in case anybody has corrections or updates, please let me know.

Feng Zhang wrote:
> Hey,
> I want to draw several plots sequently, but have to make them dispaly in one
> figure.
> So how to achieve this?
> Thanks.
> Fred

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