[R] R in your pocket on a Sharp Zaurus

Stuart Leask stuart.leask at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Mar 4 10:20:04 CET 2003

R v.1.6.2 is now available for the Sharp SL-5500 Zaurus linux pda. Thanks to
the effort of Simon Pickering at Bath University, NA handling is now correct
and graphics function fine. It can run on the unexpanded 'out of the box'
machine. The FPU emulation can slow some operations a lot, but it can do
lowess smoothing on over 10,000 data points in just a few minutes, as good
as the 486SX25 I was happy with not that many years ago. And R (+Zaurus) in
the hand/jacket pocket is worth any number of laptops in the bush.

You'll need R (see http://students.bath.ac.uk/enpsgp/Zaurus/#R), plus a few
libraries (from http://ipkgfind.handhelds.org/). To add graphics, you can
either run native X-windows - faster - or run X within qtopia (see
http://students.bath.ac.uk/enpsgp/Zaurus/#X) for convenience.


At present the help system doesn't function. We're working on this - we're
not sure why, but note that in the current compilation, the CONTENTS folders
end up empty. All suggestions gratefully received...

Dr Stuart Leask MA MRCPsych, Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry
University of Nottingham Dept of Psychiatry, Duncan Macmillan House
Porchester Road, Nottingham. NG3 6AA. UK

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